Spiral conveyor chain and sprockets are analyzed by chain wheel processing factory

If the chain and sprocket of the screw conveyor chain and sprocket wheel shake together, the chain and gear are not properly meshed, thus creating noise. A simple and effective way to solve this problem is to adjust the tensioning bucket elevator bolts to tighten the chain. Spiral conveyor chains and sprockets inevitably show material spillage during unloading, material spillage on the head wheel or tail wheel, forming the head wheel and tail wheel covered with material, even during lifting, and gear sliding increases. Gear wear.

The tail gears of the screw conveyor have different degrees of wear and tear, and the single chain plate of the chain wears many dents. It is necessary to check the damage of the head wheel and tail wheel in time, and clean the head wheel and tail wheel in time. materials, if the broken teeth are replaced in time, so as not to affect the work of the equipment.

When the chain and sprocket of screw conveyor are running, if the front and rear wheels are not on the center line, the chain will form serious wear and tear, and long-term use will lead to cracks in the future. In this regard, the direction of the bucket wheel and the tail wheel of the screw conveyor should be adjusted to identify the center line, and then the commissioning work should be carried out.